4 Stocks with Rising Cash Flows to Grow Your Portfolio

Cash flow is crucial to a company's survival, growth, and success if profit is its goal. Cash gives investors strength, vigor, and flexibility to make investment decisions and fuels growth.

Investors want prosperous enterprises, but if cash flow is inconsistent, it can fail and file for bankruptcy. Company robustness can be appropriately rated by its cash flow generation efficiency. This is because cash protects a company from market chaos and shows that profits are being allocated properly.

Griffon Corporation GFF, HNI Corporation HNI, ADMA Biologics, Inc. ADMA, and First Bank FRBA are good buys.

In addition, global economic uncertainty, market upheavals and dislocations, and liquidity issues from geopolitical tensions or the health crisis have made cash-generating efficiency analysis increasingly important.

One must analyze a company's net cash flow to calculate efficiency. While cash flows in and out of any organization, net cash flow shows how much it makes.

Positive cash flow indicates a growth in liquid assets, which allows a corporation to meet debt commitments, pay expenses, reinvest in the business, weather downturns, and redistribute wealth to shareholders. A negative cash flow shows a deterioration in the company's liquidity, reducing its flexibility to sustain these activities.

Positive cash flow does not guarantee firm growth. A company's cash flow must increase to ride the growth curve since it shows management's efficiency in managing cash and less dependence on outside finance.

Keep up with the following screen to gamble on rising cash flow stocks. We screened for stocks with increasing cash flow over time, ensuring the current reported quarter's cash flow was at least equal to or more than the 5-year average per common share. A positive trend and rising cash flow are indicated.

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