1913 Liberty Nickel goes for $6M

Bruce Morelan and Legend Numismatics paid $6 million to reclaim a stunning Liberty nickel collection, including the 1913 Liberty nickel. Legend Numismatics bought the sets of US nickels from 1883 to 1913 from veteran collector Jerry Forsythe, who hired Laura Sperber and her Lincroft, N.J., auction agency to construct them.

PCGS president Brett Charville says, “This specimen of the 1913 Liberty nickel was once owned by legendary collector Louis Eliasberg and, graded PCGS PR-66, is the finest specimen known.

PCGS assessed the Liberty nickel and accompanying pieces in Morelan's Liberty nickel sets. Bruce and Laura have curated some of our generation's best coin collections. They show what can be accomplished when an elite collector like Bruce works with a great numismatic advocate like Laura.”

The Mint State and proof Liberty nickel collections are number-one in the PCGS Set Registry, meaning they have the greatest grade-point average of all registered sets. This sale commemorates Morelan's third ownership of the 1913 proof Liberty nickel, the keystone coin for the Proof Liberty Nickels With 1913 Proof (1883-1913) PCGS Registry Set.

“It clearly is one of his all-time favorite coins,” Legend Numismatics founder Laura Sperber said of the Liberty nickel. Bruce hopes to maintain it as a family treasure with his 1794 PCGS SP-66 Flowing Hair dollar and 1804 PCGS PR-65 Draped Bust dollar.

Sperber added, “In the past, Dr. Morton Smith said, ‘This coin needs a good home, [and] I am it.’” Morelan agrees, calling the 1913 Liberty nickel one of the best coins in numismatics.

Morelan's recent purchase of a 1913 Liberty nickel that sold for $4.56 million in 2018 cements his standing among the best collectors. “Not many collectors have owned both a 1913 Liberty nickel and 1804 Draped Bust dollar,” Morelan says. We rarely own both coins at once because they're so uncommon and popular.

He was among a few prominent collectors like Eliasberg and Reed Hawn. Morelan will eventually display his coveted 1913 Liberty nickel.

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