1933 Double Eagle – Value: $18.9 Million+

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the 1933 Double Eagle is indeed a highly valuable and historically significant coin, but the reported value of $18.9 million+ is particularly noteworthy.

The 1933 Double Eagle holds a special place in numismatic history due to its unique background and rarity.

Historical Context: The 1933 Double Eagle was minted but never officially released into circulation. The United States was on the gold standard at the time, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an executive order in 1933 prohibiting the export of gold coins, including the Double Eagle.

Recall and Melting: The U.S. Mint was ordered to melt down the 1933 Double Eagles, and most of them were destroyed.

Legal Disputes: Due to the controversy surrounding their ownership and the legality of their possession, the 1933 Double Eagles became the subject of legal battles. In the 2000s, the U.S. government and a private collector reached an agreement to allow the sale of one specimen at auction.

Auction Records: The reported value of $18.9 million+ may be associated with the sale of the 1933 Double Eagle in a public auction.

Condition and Provenance: As with any rare coin, the condition of the 1933 Double Eagle and its provenance (ownership history) play crucial roles in determining its value. Well-preserved specimens with a documented and prestigious ownership history often command higher prices.

While the $18.9 million+ valuation is in line with the extraordinary value associated with the 1933 Double Eagle, it's important to verify the information with current sources