1968-S No-S Roosevelt Dime: The Ghost of Mint Mark Absence

The 1968-S No-S Roosevelt Dime is a notable and rare mint error that has intrigued collectors for its unusual characteristic— the absence of the mintmark ("S" for San Francisco Mint).

The presence or absence of the mintmark on coins is typically an essential part of their identification, and an error like the No-S variety is considered a fascinating and valuable find.

Minting Error: The absence of the mintmark on the 1968-S Roosevelt Dime is a result of a minting error. This occurred when certain dies used to strike the coins did not receive the mintmark impression during the minting process at the San Francisco Mint.

Collector's Rarity: The 1968-S No-S Roosevelt Dime is highly sought after by coin collectors due to its rarity and the intrigue associated with mint errors. These coins are considered valuable additions to numismatic collections.

Authentication: Authenticating a 1968-S No-S Roosevelt Dime is crucial, as counterfeit attempts can be made. Numismatic experts and grading services can verify the authenticity of these coins through careful examination.

Value: The value of a 1968-S No-S Roosevelt Dime can vary based on factors such as its condition, rarity, and demand among collectors. Coins in uncirculated or high-grade condition tend to command higher prices.

Market Interest: The discovery of a No-S mintmark variety often generates significant interest in the numismatic community. These coins may be featured in auctions, and their prices can be influenced by the level of demand among collectors.

It's important for collectors and enthusiasts to stay updated with the latest information from reputable numismatic sources, as the value and significance of coins can evolve over time.