A nutritionist debunks three green tea myths.

Is drinking green tea part of your weight loss plan? Also, do you think green tea is better for you than regular tea and coffee since it doesn't include caffeine? For those who said yes, there are many others who can relate.

Many people drink green tea because of the numerous health benefits it provides. Many people think that drinking green tea can magically make them lose weight.

Also, many people who want results quickly wind up taking too much of it. But you can't expect to lose weight just by drinking one beverage. Here we will dispel even more green tea myths.

"While green tea is celebrated for its health benefits, it's essential to acknowledge that no single beverage holds a monopoly on nutritional superiority," she stated in the video's caption. Below, you can find some typical misconceptions.

Many dieters drink green tea many times a day. The nutritionist warned that too much green tea can cause stomach acidity.Four cups of green tea per day is the limit advised by research and experts.

Coffee and tea are said to have more caffeine than green tea. The expert dispels this notion by stating that green tea includes caffeine, which can produce acidity in excessive amounts.

You should know that green tea does not burn fat and cannot assist you lose weight quickly. Weight loss is not caused. While it has benefits, it is a drink like another.

Green tea's antioxidants, especially catechins, make it distinctive. Others, like black or herbal teas, provide health benefits."However, green tea may be healthy. Antioxidants protect cells and improve health. It improves heart health also.

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