Delectable, delicious, wild aquarius fish

The guys are fishing with their lives on the line for this delicious superfood.

Alaska salmon is wild, in contrast to Atlantic salmon, which is 99.8 percent farmed. This means that the fish are free to live and eat anything they choose, which makes them an excellent choice for a glaze made with Dijon mustard or genuine maple syrup.

The return of Alaska salmon to their spawning streams coincides with the beginning of the season. These salmon are directed by their remarkable sense of smell to the precise location where they were born.

Don't be concerned; state biologists make sure that a sufficient number of salmon have already made their way upstream to lay eggs before the fishing season begins.

However, let's move on to the cedar plank, which is the primary technique of cooking for the several Pacific Northwest Indian nations, whose mythologies and diets contain salmon.

For a taste that is both rich and smokey, use red cedar, which does not include any preservatives, and cook it slowly. On the other hand, there is always lox and bagels available.

The 99.8 percent farmed Atlantic salmon is in stark contrast to the wild Alaskan salmon, which is ideal for glazing with maple syrup or Dijon mustard since the fish lives freely and eats nothing but pure food.

During the Alaska salmon season, the fish make their annual pilgrimage to the streams where they spawn, using their extraordinary sense of smell to find their birthplace.