Bicentennial Quarter: Still Worth Over $90 Million Each

This quarter, introduced in 1976 to commemorate two centuries of American independence, is treasured by collectors and speculators.

Unveiled during the US Bicentennial, it symbolizes 200 years of independence and the nation's rich history.r: Collectors' Holy Grail

Scarcity, especially in perfect form or with minting oddities, makes the Bicentennial Quarter more appealing.

Coins with duplicate strikes, off-center designs, or misprints are popular with collectors and earn high auction prices.

The Bicentennial Quarter, a symbol of American numismatic legacy, has remarkably surpassed the $90 million threshold, indicating a watershed event in coin collecting.

This listicle goes on a trip to unravel the many factors that contribute to its incredible worth, offering light on its historical context, rarity, design prowess, and cultural resonance.

The Bicentennial Quarter is deeply rooted in American history.

Unveiled during the United States Bicentennial celebrations, it serves as a concrete symbol of 200 years of