Biden defeats longshot Dean Phillips in Minnesota, his home state.

Minneapolis — President Joe Biden defeated Dean Phillips on Super Tuesday in Minnesota, while former President Donald Trump defeated Nikki Haley in the Republican primary. Minnesota has 75 Dem and 39 RNC delegates. Minnesota, one of 16 states and one territory with Super Tuesday primaries, received little attention, even from Phillips, who represents a Minneapolis suburb congressional district with little home-field advantage.

Haley was the only contender to campaign in person. Her Bloomington hotel event last week drew several hundred people, but she couldn't catch Trump. Phillips, the only elected Democrat to challenge Biden in the primary, lost again in Minnesota and other Super Tuesday states.

Phillips said in a statement that Democratic Party loyalists are clearly, consistently, and overwhelmingly supporting Joe Biden, but that doesn't change the reality that prompted me to run. Donald Trump is increasingly likely to defeat him in November. “I’ll be assessing tonight’s results and all available data over the coming days before deciding how I can best prevent that tragedy.”

The three-term representative was barely mentioned in roughly two dozen Associated Press interviews with Democratic voters in Phillips' district over three days before the primary. Most declared their desire to defeat Trump.

Molly Menton said she wouldn't vote for Phillips, her congressman, at a suburban Eden Prairie public library on Tuesday because he's less qualified than Biden. Health care CEO Menton, who is “pretty progressive,” prioritizes liberal judge nominations, gun control, and climate change. Eden Prairie seniors After voting, Chuck and Carol Thomas, veteran advertising creative directors, claimed they never contemplated voting for Phillips. Chuck Thomas said Biden is wise, experienced, and has defeated Trump.

Vice President Kamala Harris' husband Doug Emhoff was sent by Biden last week. After attending a fundraiser, he visited Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to promote the administration's transportation infrastructure initiatives and paid tribute to three Burnsville first responders who died.

Trump did not attend the primary in Minnesota, but he raised eyebrows in a phone interview with KNSI radio in St. Cloud on Monday by saying he thought he won the 2020 general election, echoing his erroneous assertions that he was the national winner.

Despite losing Minnesota by more than 7 percentage points to Biden, Trump came within 1.5 points of upsetting Hillary Clinton in 2016, and he told KNSI he will take a “big shot” at capturing the state this November. No Republican presidential contender has won Minnesota since Nixon in 1972.

“It’s time for a woman,” Hulstrand added. She called Haley a confident, experienced new leader. "The fact that she's not giving up shows her resiliency," she remarked. Minister Hulstrand also welcomed Haley's conservative approach to “moral issues.” She also indicated she'll vote for Trump in November if necessary. At Crosspoint Church in Bloomington, Craig Brandt voted for Trump “because I think he’s the best hope we have for getting our country back on track.”

As many local and national anti-war and Muslim activists have encouraged, Bloomington resident Sarah Alfaham voted “uncommitted” in the Democratic primary. In November, she won't vote for Trump but doesn't know who. Although dissatisfied with Biden, she suggested she may consider a third-party candidacy.

Alfaham: “I believe that the war in Gaza and the genocide that Israel is committing is unacceptable. “And Joe Biden has not done enough to earn my vote and stop the war, stop the massacre.” Trump said he felt he won the state in 2020, not 2022. Correction: Trump came within 1.5 points of defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016, not 2018.

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