Bitcoin NFT NodeMonkes Sells for $1M as BTC Inches Toward $69K

Compared to assets based on Ethereum, Bitcoin NFT collections traded at $35 million in the past 24 hours, suggesting a spike in demand for assets based on Bitcoin. Though it didn't launch until December of last year, NodeMonkes artwork was imprinted into Bitcoin in February of 2023.

The most-traded Ordinals collection in the previous 24 hours is digital photographs of pixelated comic monkeys on the Bitcoin blockchain, which is a result of the unstoppable rally of bitcoin {{BTC}}.

According to data from Cryptoslam, the collection NodeMonkes reached a new record high on Monday with sales of nearly $11 million. With an initial listing price of around $9,000, the project went live in December 2023. Ordinals allow users to imprint text, data, and art onto individual bitcoin fragments, and this collection boasts the first 10,000-count profile image collection on the platform.

Even though NodeMonkes didn't come out until December 2023, the artwork was actually printed on Bitcoin in February of last year, ahead of other early collections like Space Pepes and Bitcoin Frogs. In the viewpoint of investors, this feature makes the collection seem more exclusive and rare.

Earlier on Monday, one such "monke" sold bitcoin for more than $1 million. Some owners of more rare monkes have listed their items for as much as $65 million, while others have set the floor price at $52,000 or more.

Accordingly, collections based on Bitcoin had the highest trading volumes in the last 24 hours, at $35 million, compared to Ethereum's regular leader, at $22 million. This suggests that demand for assets based on Bitcoin has surged.

Mark Wilson, a spokesperson for the meme coin project Dogelon Mars, stated in a Telegram chat that ordinal inscriptions have been generating a lot of buzz and will likely take center stage in March. "As April and the halving draw near, the Runes protocol will likewise be eagerly anticipated."

With a gain of almost 5.4% in the last day, Bitcoin surpassed the $65,000 milestone earlier on Monday. A wide-based liquid index of different tokens, the CD20, increased by about 5.8%.

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