California to remain drought-free until 2025 after 2 spectacular winter storms

The weather experts at AccuWeather are very confident that California will not experience widespread drought conditions until at least 2025, and maybe even later.

According to AccuWeather, California will not experience severe drought until at least 2025, following a historic blizzard that dumped nearly 100 inches of snow on the state.

"The combination of the abundance of rain and snow from the winter of 2022-2023, the state of the reservoirs, and what has happened this winter gives a high confidence that drought conditions will remain absent in California well into 2025," AccuWeather weather expert Ken Clark said.

This helps with short-term and long-term drought issues. Back-to-back winters with blockbuster storms have restored water reservoirs and moistened the parched landscape after years of drought.

After a decade, atmospheric rivers eliminated drought in 2022–2023."We at AccuWeather realized by late summer 2023 that given the reservoirs' state after the amazing winter of 2022-2023.

California will be drought-free until at least 2024, and possibly longer," A March snowstorm dropped yards of snow on the state's mountains following a dry winter.

Six of the state's most major water reservoirs are near or above historical averages and could increase further before the wet season ends.More rains and melting mountain snow could raise reservoir levels in the coming weeks and months.

Pendulum-like dry weather will return to California. A dry winter might produce a drought in the state, which gets most of its rain and snow from winter storms."In California,

water is as precious as gold; every drop of rain and flake of snow must be captured because the population outnumbers the natural water supply," Chief On-Air Meteorologist Bernie Rayno remarked. "Conservation must never stop."

According to AccuWeather Long-Range Expert Paul Pastelok, the drought-free period in California will be determined by the severity of the emerging La Niña. "Should the La Niña remain relatively weak, there can be an extension of the time without widespread drought in California even beyond early 2026."

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