Core Workouts That Any Fitness Level Can Master

Some examples of core workouts are planks, yoga positions, and crunches, but there are many more.

Many daily tasks use your core, such as pulling a grocery cart or putting on shoes. It impacts balance, posture, and stability.Contrary to popular assumption, your core is more than abdominal muscles. It also includes back and pelvic muscles.

Start with these introductory moves if you're new to workout or haven't in a while. If possible, chat to a personal trainer about the correct reps and sets for your fitness level and goals.

Bridge Your glutes elevate your hips, strengthening your core and butt and thighs in this pose.

Crunches strengthen cores. Abs work upper-body lifts.For occasional low back pain, do crunches gently and with few reps.If you have chronic low back discomfort, see a trainer or doctor before practicing this classic crunch. This may not be optimal.

Supine toe tapThis is basic Pilates. It works your glutes, hips, and legs while engaging your core.Toe taps also reduce spine stress. Toe taps may be better than crunches for back discomfort.

Bird dogs are great core-strengtheners since they work your abs and back. It tests balance, coordination, and stability.

Bicycle crunches work hips, obliques, and rectus abdominis.Bend and bring your left leg to your chest on your back. Hold your right leg straight and slightly raised. Hold your hands behind your neck or lower head without tugging.

Full-body planks target your core. Arms, shoulders, back, glutes, and legs are strengthened.

The mountaineer Planks with knee motions make this intermediate workout great for balance and core strength.

The mountaineer Planks with knee Core-strengthening exercises might help you start or boost your workout. Consult your doctor before starting a new fitness routine. A professional personal trainer can help you tone and develop your core safely if you have a back injury.make this intermediate workout great for balance and core strength.

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