Each zodiac sign reacts differently to a crush.


It's hard to satisfy them, thus they seldom crush. When they do, they daydream much. They shrink away and flush, which is rare for a powerful sign, and will likely flee away if their lover approaches.


They make it quite clear when they are crushing. Everyone in their immediate vicinity will be aware of the person they have a crush on. They are willing to go to great lengths in order to learn more about the individual before committing their whole heart to them.


They are the admirers who remain mute. It is likely that they will stand behind the pillar and not do anything except grin while gazing at the issue. They are capable of wooing their target, but they lack the hunger and persuasiveness to accomplish so. 

This flirts, particularly if they have a crush. They convey the message. They don't worry about reactions. Having their heart set on someone is no shame to them. Despite their might, they get sensitive and agitated by everything their crush does.


Though not flirts, they love to lead. The other person will know about their crush first. They speak out and don't mince words. They're reserved yet gushing about their partner. They like being wooed after the first few steps.



Because of their critical thinking, Virgos seldom have crushes. A virgo will examine the individual from the inside out and then let their flame shine. If they feel the spark, it's subtle. They talk casually about the topic as if nothing is wrong.


 Dress Fashion Gown Human, Person There will be evasion. They may not flirt because they're terrified by the issue, but they may fumble their words and prepare for the talk. They act cool but are bad pretenders.


They become bashful and sensitive about their topic. Their crush signals are confusing, leaving the other person perplexed. Scorpios detest being vulnerable, therefore they swiftly shut down their expressive side before becoming too evident.


Sagittarius crushes may go either way. They may proclaim it publicly or be discreet and talk to the crush. They like chasing. They may become bored with simple things.


An overly analytical indicator. They will consider the benefits and drawbacks of crushing before. Perhaps they won't squander time. Crushes might make someone egoistic and suppress their feelings. Even their loved ones won't know whether they're in love. They keep secrets well.


They like talking. Those with crushes will talk. But they won't choose someone based on beauty alone. They're drawn to substance and want to know a person's mental and emotional state before admiring them.


They may be extremes based on topic cues. They analyze their behavior toward them more than the individual and meticulously plan their next step. They want quality, and if it's missing, they'll leave the topic forever.