Eight Rare Dimes and 72 Million Dollar Bicentennial Quarters Are Still Circulating.

Coin collecting offers the thrill of finding rare and precious coins in pocket change, a fantasy for collectors.

Rare Dimes and Bicentennial Quarter Worth $15 Million Each Are Still Circulating Collectors and investors want this rare coin for its historical significance.

Denver-minted Bicentennial Quarter and Rare Dimes worth $570K each remain in circulation due to their limited mintage and unique design.

Finding one in circulation would be a lucky find and a monument to the historical secrets of pocket change.

One of the most famous numismatic gems, the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel appeared in the heist thriller “Ocean’s Eleven.”

These dimes would link the present to a critical moment in American history.

Coin collecting was forever changed by Carson City's 1873-CC No Arrows Seated Liberty Dime.

The fact that antique quarters are still in circulation surprises some who may inadvertently carry numismatic heritage.