For Women Over 50, the Ideal Diet

A variety of diets, including the Mediterranean, flexitarian, DASH, and MIND plans, may be beneficial for women over 55. A healthy diet is one that you can maintain over time and which improves your overall well-being.

There are so many diet plans out there that it can be overwhelming for women attempting to age gracefully, and unfortunately, not all of them are healthy. Diets that promote heart and brain health, alleviate menopause symptoms, or improve general well-being are common among those over the age of 50.

Mediterranean diets are great for women over 50 to maintain a healthy weight. 1960s Southern Italian and Greek diets are low in saturated fat. Beans, fruits, nuts, and whole grains dominate, with olive oil as the fat.

The CDCTrusted Source reports that heart disease is a top cause of death for women over 50.After menopause, high blood pressure—a key heart disease risk factor—rises considerably.Hypertension prevention and treatment are the goals of the DASH diet.

Flexitarians can eat meat, eggs, dairy, and fish.This diet suits those who seek fiber and plant protein yet need animal products.Flexitarians get more iron and omega-3s from red meat and fish than vegans or vegetarians. Its higher calcium content helps postmenopausal women maintain bone health.

Women are more likely to get dementia due to age and sex. The majority of Alzheimer's sufferers are women.The MIND diet lowers the risk of Alzheimer's and other age-related mental decline. Based on trusted sources, it may reduce dementia risk.

Using intuition, you can avoid fad diets.Chronic diet restrictionsTrusted Source may cause bone loss, rebound weight gain, eating disorders, and poor quality of life.Diet thinking and food-body linkages are promoted by intuitive eating. New researchTrusted Source demonstrates intuitive eating improves mental health and reduces disordered eating.

Women over 50 should focus calcium, vitamin D, protein, and B vitaminsTrusted Source. Change your diet or take supplements to get enough of these nutrients.You don't need major diet changes. Even without following your diet, minor changes can enhance your health.

Diet selection can be difficult for women over 50 due to aging-related body changes.Mediterranean, Flexitarian, DASH, MIND, and intuitive eating benefit the heart, brain, and body.Consider your nutritional goals before picking. Best diet is maintainable and feels good.

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