How healthy are you? Find out where you stand

How efficiently the heart uses oxygen is a measure of aerobic fitness. Power and stamina, which relate to the amount of time and effort that muscles can exert themselves.

Helping you keep track of your scores and the number of times you do something. In order to keep track of your results as you complete each section of the test, you will also want a pencil or pen and paper.

Applying gentle pressure with your index and third fingers on either side of your windpipe, you can locate the carotid artery—a blood vessel in your neck—and take its pulse.

You can gauge your muscle strength and endurance with push-ups. Doing push-ups while kneeling is a good way to begin a fitness routine. Perform several sets of traditional push-ups if you are able to. Just like that, for both kinds:

Maintain a straight back. Raise yourself up until your arms are fully extended. Bring your chin close to the floor as you lower yourself. Keep going until you reach your limit of pushups and have to stop.

Based on age and sex, these counts indicate a respectable level of fitness. Make sure you keep pushing yourself toward the desired number of push-ups if you find that you are falling short. A higher count indicates better fitness.

If your body fat percentage is within a healthy range, your body mass index (BMI) will reveal it. Use a body mass index (BMI) table or an online calculator to get your BMI.

Your weight in pounds divided by your height in inches squared is the formula you can use to calculate it on your own. After that, scale it by 703. To get your height squared, multiply your kilogram weight by your height in meters. Subtract 100 cm from your cm height to get your meterage.