Is Google's Gemini meltdown a 'Bud Light moment'?

Google is being criticized for being "woke" when it was revealed that Gemini, its new AI tool, was biased toward White people.

The Alphabet-owned tech giant is scrambling to right ship after pulling Gemini's image generation features last week. CEO Sundar Pichai told employees on Tuesday that the company is working "around the clock" to fix the tool's bias, calling the model's images "completely unacceptable."

However, "Public" creator Michael Shellenberger calls Google's Gemini debacle its "Bud Light moment," comparing it to Anheuser-Busch InBev's boycott of Bud Light after a deal with controversial transgender figure Dylan Mulvaney.

"The problem for Google, as with Bud Light before it, is that its CEO and other senior executives are still in denial about the problem," Shellenberger emailed FOX Business. "They think the problem is just a few tweaks to the AI or the algorithms."

The real issue is that Google's woke workers and government contractors are using Google Search and Google Gemini to divide Americans along racial and partisan lines, censor disfavored views, and spread disinformation about German farmers and American investigative

Google’s CEO must snap out of denial and commit to political neutrality, which means nonpartisan and balanced political donations, nonpartisan and transparent fact-checking that is accountable for its biases and errors, and an end to censorship of politically disfavored views," said.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute's Center for Technology and Innovation director, Jessica Melugin, doesn't think Google's problems are as bad as Bud Light's. "I think they’re different in that Bud Light was a marketing mistake, while Gemini was a product mistake," Melugin said. "I think the parallel would be skunked beer."

Melugin said she can see how people may sense a political bent, but generative AI competitors have had disastrous results in the other way, so she thinks Gemini's problems are quality-control issues. Google has every incentive to remedy the poor outcomes "Alphabet's stock has plummeted since halting Gemini, she added.

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