Jerry Jones won't rule out letting Dak Prescott finish his contract.

The Cowboys are expected to extend Dak Prescott's deal this offseason to lessen his $59.4 million 2024 salary cap hit. Jerry Jones, however, said the quarterback might finish his deal.

On Friday, Jones told beat reporters, "We don't need to [extend Prescott's deal], but we can if everybody wants to solve it," via Nick Harris of the club website "Get on the same page and try to agree. If you can't, our system works. Naturally, if you do it one way, you'll move through other team areas differently, but you can't plan on it until you're there

A simple restructuring would offer the Cowboys $18.52 million in contract relief for this season, but it would push money to 2025 and 2026 with Prescott counting roughly $55 million against the cap in 2025 even if he played elsewhere. The Cowboys risk losing Prescott after this season without an extension. He has no-tag and no-trade clauses.

Jones: "No, I don't fear that." The contracts of all your players expire at some point. You would wander around shaking if you feared it. It's impossible since they all appear. All can get hurt. All can lose talent, so that's not dread."

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Prescott led the NFL with 36 touchdown passes, was second-team All-Pro, and finished second in MVP voting to Lamar Jackson. Prescott can play better than in 2023, Jones believes.

"He had one of the best years as you all know," he remarked. "But the thing that I would point out is we all think that had a lot to do with the fact that Mike McCarthy is right there involved in Dak's play, more directly involved in the offense, that we think that there's a lot more to come."

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