Jill Biden launches a battleground state trip by calling Donald Trump a menace to women.

Atlanta — First lady Jill Biden warned Friday that re-electing Donald Trump would harm women who saw the outgoing president's Supreme Court nominees strike down a nationwide abortion right. In Atlanta, she launched a multistate battleground trip to promote President Joe Biden's reelection campaign appeal to women, saying Trump had “spent a lifetime tearing us down and devaluing our existence.”

"I've been so proud of how Joe has placed women at the heart of his agenda," added the first lady. She contrasted him to Trump, who “mocks women’s bodies, disrespects our accomplishments and brags about assault” and took responsibility for “killing Roe v. Wade” this week.

It was an unusually pointed criticism from Jill Biden. She has always supported her spouse with a smile, delivering sweet stories about their marriage, family, and teaching career. Her comments Friday indicated a more aggressive involvement in the 2020 election rematch, which is expected to be acrimonious. Women may be critical, especially in the few states that will decide the Electoral College.

We are the first generation in half a century to give our daughters a country with fewer rights than we had,” she added, urging women to unite in 2024 and “meet this moment as if our rights are at risk — because they are The first lady will promote “Women for Biden” with weekend events in Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin in addition to Georgia. In 2020, the president won all four states, which will be heavily disputed in November.

Vice President Kamala Harris released a video Friday reiterating her role as the president's primary validator to women alongside the first lady. Harris stated, “We are fighting for fundamental freedoms,” including gun violence prevention and “the freedom of a woman to make decisions about her own body.”

Harris acknowledged her role as the first female vice president and urged women “to mobilize your daughters, your sisters, your friends and neighbors” to “make history again.” Jill Biden listed administration accomplishments and priorities at a downtown Atlanta woman-owned event space, assuring a friendly audience that “Joe and Kamala” will push for a national abortion rights law that supersedes state restrictions and protects fertility treatments and birth control.

Trump's campaign reacted with a new slate of concerns and cited the Georgia college student's murder as proof the former president can serve women better than the 2020 opponent.

“The horrifying murder of Laken Riley by an illegal immigrant is every woman's worst nightmare, and Joe Biden's policies have turned our nightmare into reality,” campaign spokesman Karoline Leavitt said. “Women want a president who will secure our borders, remove violent criminals from our neighborhoods, and build an economy that helps hardworking families thrive.”

Super Tuesday, a series of primaries and caucuses in 16 states and one territory, is projected to bring Biden and Trump closer to delegate majorities for their bids. The trip comprises 2020's three nearest states. Despite his 7-million-vote national lead, Joe Biden won Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin by less than a percentage point, winning by 43,000 votes against Trump.

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