Jill Biden launches a battleground state trip by calling Donald Trump a menace to women.(Part-2)

Nevada went for Biden by 2.3. However, Democrats lost the governorship. The four states' 43 electoral votes might tip the Electoral College to Trump.

An  survey of over 110,000 general election voters in 2020 found that Biden won 55% of women and 46% of men, a 9-point gender margin. Trump narrowly topped Biden among white women, mostly due to rural and small town support, according to VoteCast. Biden won 59% to Trump's 40% of suburban women, about a quarter of the electorate. Black women voted 93% for Biden, 6% for Trump

Many Friday participants believed reproductive rights concerns will enhance Biden support. “It is absolutely the No. 1 issue for me and the women in my circle — even a lot of Republicans,” said suburban McDonough resident Tina Coria.

The Supreme Court's 2022 ruling overturning Roe v. Wade awakened many women who took the right for granted, according to Georgia congressional candidate Tambrei Cash. She said that a recent Alabama Supreme Court case on in vitro fertilization and frozen embryos highlights the stakes.

Cash: “Women are mad, because they are coming for our fundamental rights.” “Not just abortion. They want IVF and birth control.” Coria and Cash agreed that Biden, an 81-year-old who formerly openly opposed abortion, needs his wife and vice president's support.

Katrina Parks, 54, of Douglasville, another Atlanta suburb, focused on “everyday issues” beyond abortion and immigration and border policy. "The country is simply in an overall state of emergency," Parks said, "but I think of that as the issues most people live with every day.”

Health, literacy, education, consumer goods, and criminal justice reform were her reasons

She remarked, “I don’t hold anyone’s age against them” about the president’s eligibility for a second term. I believe in experience-leveraging, and he does.”

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