Jim Trotter responds to NFL's wrongful termination case dismissal. (Part-1)

Since it cannot take the Jim Trotter lawsuit to arbitration (the secret, rigged kangaroo court), the NFL will first try to dismiss his claims. Trotter's lawyers responded to the NFL's petition to dismiss on Friday.

The 22-page document was evaluated by PFT. While pleadings of this type are full of legalese and cites to previous instances, early comments that outline the argument are most effective.

On page one of his answer, Trotter calls the league "more notable for what it ignores than what it states." The memorandum of law's "Preliminary Statement" elaborates on the NFL's "

Trotter's lawyers argue that the NFL "largely ignore[s] the fact that the Complaint alleges that Mr. Trotter engaged in three specific instances of clearly protected activity that each occurred two months, three weeks, and 12 days, respectively, before his termination."

Second, Trotter's lawyers say the NFL ignores that Trotter "expressly raised the fact that the NFL failed to hire or promote a Black person into a leadership position in NFL Media or a full-time position on the NFL Media news desk."

Third, Trotter's lawyers say he "express parallel" the scenario to Brian Flores and others' pending NFL racial discrimination claim for coaching.

Fourth, Trotter's lawyers said he "gave examples of discriminatory slurs used by NFL team owners about Black players."

Fifth, before Trotter's concerns, his lawyers say he was informed his job contract will be renewed and his function "could even be enhanced."

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