Large-letter 1839 Coronet Head Gold $10 Eagle: Type 1838

The Large Letters 1839 Coronet Head Gold $10 Eagle refers to a variety within the Coronet Eagle series that was minted from 1838 to 1907.

The term "Large Letters" specifically relates to the size of the lettering on the reverse of the coin.

The obverse features the Coronet Head design, depicting Liberty facing left, wearing a coronet inscribed with the word "LIBERTY."

– Thirteen stars surround Liberty, representing the original thirteen colonies. – The date "1839" is located at the base.

– The reverse displays a heraldic eagle with outstretched wings, holding arrows and an olive branch. – The motto "E PLURIBUS UNUM" is inscribed on a banner above the eagle. – The denomination "TEN D." (indicating $10) is placed below the eagle.

The Large Letters variety refers to the size of the lettering in the legend on the reverse. This is in contrast to the Small Letters variety, where the letters are smaller.

The 1839 Coronet Head Gold $10 Eagle is part of a series that underwent various modifications and design changes over the years.

As with any coin, factors such as condition, rarity, and overall demand among collectors influence its market value. If you have an 1839 Large Letters Coronet Head Gold $10 Eagle,