March's Top 5 Stocks to Consider Buying

Demetri Kalogeropoulos (Lululemon Athletica): In March, Lululemon Athletica will report its fourth-quarter profits, but investors may buy this excellent growth stock now. In early January, the athleisure behemoth hinted that sales and profitability will exceed management's prediction for fiscal 2023. Press release: "We are pleased with our performance during the holiday season," CFO Megan Frank remarked

Executives now expect Q4 revenues to reach 14%, up nearly 20% for the year. Most Wall Street analysts expect Nike will increase 1% in 2024. Lululemon is also increasing profit margins, so investors can expect larger annual earnings. The gross profit margin is near 60% of sales, while operating profit has been above 20% for two years.

On the negative, shares aren't cheap before March earnings. Instead of paying roughly 7 times yearly sales for Lululemon, you could buy Nike for half that. Lululemon may earn its greater worth by growing rapidly and earning more in 2024 and beyond. Its expansion into international areas and demographics other than women should boost sales. Look for a continual stream of creative product releases to boost profitability.

Risk-averse investors may wish to watch the stock for a drop. Lululemon remains appealing for spring buying. Moderna's Keith Speights: Moderna doesn't seem promising at first. The biotech company's shares have slumped 80% from its mid-2021 peak and 30% in the previous year. Moderna's COVID-19 vaccination demand is falling, lowering revenue.

However, I think this biotech stock deserves another try. Why? Moderna may make a big comeback. On May 12, 2024, the FDA will decide whether to approve Moderna's respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine mRNA-1345. Since its efficacy and pre-filled syringes save doctors and pharmacists time, this RSV vaccine should be a commercial success if licensed.

Later this year, Moderna plans to launch mRNA-1345 in Australia and Germany. In 2025, it will enter new markets. Moderna expects revenue growth next year due to its new RSV vaccine. The firm anticipates breakeven in 2026. Other growth drivers may follow mRNA-1345.

Moderna will also submit its seasonal flu vaccine mRNA-1010 for regulatory approval this year. Other late-stage products in the pipeline include a flu/COVID-19 vaccine, a refrigerator-stable next-generation COVID-19 vaccine, CMV vaccine mRNA-1647, and cancer vaccine mRNA-4157. Moderna and Merck are testing mRNA-4157 with Keytruda for melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer. I expect Moderna to be tremendously lucrative before the end of the decade. This biotech stock may appeal to long-term investors seeking a turnaround.

Daniel Foelber (Apple): Apple stock is an above-average corporation trading at virtually the S&P 500 value, which is the easiest argument to buy. That's 27.5 P/E for the index and 28 for Apple. Apple doesn't have the same market premium as other tech stocks for several reasons. Its near-term growth prospects are easiest.

As shown in the graphic, certain high-flying big-tech stocks have far lower forward P/E ratios than current P/E. In Nvidia's extreme instance, earnings are predicted to double in a year, therefore the forward P/E is half the present P/E. Apple has very equal metrics.

Short-term traders shouldn't buy Apple stock now. Remember that emotions and emotion can cause stock values to move wildly. Long-term investors, who compound wealth better, may find a lot to appreciate about Apple that the market is discounting.

China slowed growth in its recent quarter, which is troubling. But North America, rising markets like India and South Korea, and other regions are doing well. High-margin services remain important to Apple's long-term growth. Apple has little cash-net debt for its size. It makes more money than it requires to run the firm. This corporation repurchased $20 billion in stock last quarter. Over $222 million is spent on stock buybacks daily!

Apple has a great brand, seamless vertical integration, a healthy bank sheet, and enough of capital to grow. Apple is worth buying in March because its value is market-appropriate.

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