Nearly $90K Rare Bicentennial Quarter, plus 5 More Worth Big Money

There's no denying the excitement of discovering a hidden gem in the realm of coin collecting that can be worth a small fortune.

Not only that, but there are five additional coins hiding beneath the surface that are incredibly valuable.

The possibility of a minting error propelling this coin's value to almost $90,000 is what makes it incredibly rare.

A double die or other abnormalities discovered during the minting process can significantly increase the value of the Bicentennial Quarter.

There is no denying the attraction of having a piece of history in your hands, even for novice collectors.

Although the Bicentennial Quarter is the most valuable coin, there are five other coins that are very important to highlight.

We'll cover what to search for, how to recognize precious coins, and how to tell the difference between a common coin and a possible goldmine in this part.

In summary, every coin in the world of coin collecting has a tale to tell, some of which are more precious than others.