No Motto, 1866 Seated Liberty Silver Dollar

The Seated Liberty Silver Dollar series underwent several design changes throughout its production, and one of the notable transitional years was 1866.

In that year, the "No Motto" design was featured on the Seated Liberty Silver Dollar, distinguishing it from later issues.

– The obverse features the seated figure of Liberty holding a shield in her right hand and an olive branch in her left. – The date "1866" is inscribed below the depiction of Liberty.

– The reverse design is characterized by an eagle with outstretched wings, perched on a union shield. – Unlike later issues, the 1866 No Motto Silver Dollar lacks the inscription "IN GOD WE TRUST" above the eagle.

The absence of the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" on the reverse distinguishes the No Motto variation from the later issues, where this motto was added.

The Seated Liberty Silver Dollar series continued until 1873, and the addition of the motto on the reverse was a significant change that took place in 1866. The presence or absence of the motto can influence the perceived rarity and desirability of the coin among collectors.

As with any coin, the value of the 1866 No Motto Seated Liberty Silver Dollar is influenced by factors such as its condition, rarity, and overall demand in the numismatic market.

If you have such a coin and are interested in its value or authenticity, it's advisable to consult with reputable numismatic experts or utilize professional grading services for a comprehensive evaluation.