No point in exercising if you drink 2 cans of soda a week.

Carbonated drinks' fizz tempts taste buds, but they silently threaten cardiovascular health. Each sip of soda may undo exercise-induced heart health gains. Just how much two cans of soda each week can negate the health benefits of exercise.

Scientists from Canada have a responsibility to warn that drinking soda may be harmful to your heart in a society where healthy nutrition and physical activity go hand in hand.

Researchers from Laval University in Quebec City shown in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition how the use of two cans of soda per week can completely counteract the positive effects of physical activity on one's health.

Soda after an exercise may be ruining more than just your thirst, it turns out. Pharmacologists at Laval University found that drinking 355 ml of carbonated soft drink each week can completely negate the positive effects of exercise on heart health.

A painstaking examination of health records spanning 30 years and included more than 100,000 persons led to this discovery.

The truth for those who drink sugary drinks is that even if they exercise 150 minutes a week, it might not be enough to prevent the harmful effects of soda on cardiovascular health.

One could think that avoiding soda's negative consequences is as simple as maintaining an active lifestyle. Exercising lowers the risk of cardiovascular illness linked to sugary drinks, but it doesn't get rid of it totally.

Soda commercials frequently show fit people drinking soda, leading viewers to believe that regular soda consumption is not harmful to health. The researchers stress that this misunderstanding is totally false.

The urgency of taking action to choose healthier options is highlighted by these findings. The significance of minimizing consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and maintaining proper amounts of physical activity is emphasized by lead study author Lorena Pacheco.

Public health guidelines and programs that try to reduce soda consumption get more backing from this study. Water is still the greatest beverage option for protecting heart health, even when artificially sweetened drinks are a less harmful substitute.

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