Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth $80M: Over $20 Million USD Are Three More

The world of coin collecting is filled with marvels and treasures, some of which command startling amounts. 

On the other hand, this extraordinary coin is not the only one that possesses significant potential worth.

In this section, we examine five further quarters, each of which has been valued at more than twenty million dollars, shedding light on 

The Flowing Hair Dollar, which was issued in 1794, is more than just a piece of cash; it truly represents a piece of American history.

Due to the fact that it was the first dollar coin ever struck by the federal government of the United States, its historical resonance is unsurpassed.

Despite the fact that one of its sort sold for more than ten million dollars in 2013, experts believe that if another one were to be put up for auction today,

The majority of these coins, which were initially produced during the Great Depression, were in danger of melting as a result of changes in the regulations governing currency.

On the other hand, a small number of people managed to avoid this destiny and enter the world of collectors.