Rare Coins Maintain Their Highly Successful Performance

When it comes to measuring the rare coin market, auction activity is always a reliable barometer to use. During the World Coins auction held by Heritage on November 3-4, more than 2,100 bidders collectively contributed more than $3.93 million

This says volumes about the strength of the entire market for rare coinage, especially when one considers that the market for United States coins is substantially stronger than the market for foreign coins that are now available. There are currently more over 1.75 million registered bidder members on the Heritage website

It is what I will refer to as a "fourth party" grading service that Stack's Bowers Galleries has introduced, which is their new Collectible Market Qualified, or CMQ, grading system. This was held in connection with the Stack's Bowers November auction, which was held in Baltimore at the beginning of November as a part of the Whitman Coin and Collectibles Winter Expo (WCCE). As the event, the WCCE celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The Olds Collection of United States Coins at Stack's Bowers was a collection that specialized on gold coins from the time of the Civil War as well as colonial and early federal coins from the United States. Coins in Motion (CIM) is a high-resolution collectible animation technology that is patented and proprietary to Coins in Motion (CMQ).

CMQ will be delivering the same fourth-party certification services as Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC), but CMQ will employ this technology to examine coins.

There is a continuing strength in the market for scarce to rare items; however, there is a slight softening of prices and buying in the market sector for collectibles that are more readily available, as well as in the market for bullion and coins that have intrinsic value.

Both buyers and sellers have become more cautious as a result of the softening of the market price of gold and silver. Sellers are keeping a close eye on the current price to ensure that they do not necessarily sell on a downturn

The contemporary commemorative gold coin is a surprising area of strength that has been discovered. In spite of the fact that the spot price of gold has a significant impact on sale prices, there are a great number of coin kinds that are unavailable regardless of price.

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