"Hospitality, history, and ham." In honor of the Smithfield of Smithfield Virginia ham, that is the town's slogan. Considering that this 8,100-person village was first settled in 1634, the fact that "ham" appears before "history" tells a lot.

Smithfield earns its reputation as the "Ham Capital of the World" fairly and squarely: while a surprising amount of ham is produced throughout Virginia,

according to a 1926 rule that states all ham must be processed inside the city boundaries, there is only one Smithfield.

Dry curing allowed the original country-style American ham to retain its saltiness and hardness until it could be soaked in water to dissolve the salt and re-hydrated before being cooked. 

Thomas Jefferson, who was born and raised in Virginia, was a huge fan of the original cured Virginia country ham, which is wonderful.

The phrase "Ham, history, and hospitality" When it comes to the Smithfield of Smithfield Virginia ham, this is the slogan of the town of Smithfield, Virginia. 

Taking into consideration that this hamlet of 8,100 people was first established in 1634, it is interesting to note that the word "ham" occurs before the word "history."

There is a lot of ham that is named Virginia, but there is only one Smithfield, as specified by a legislation that was passed in 1926 that states it must be processed inside the city borders.