Scott lost his presidential bid. However, Trump has considered him for vice president. (Part-2)

Trump, who demands devotion from his employees, is searching for a cheerleader and surrogate who won't overwhelm him, according to Aides and allies. Trump has indicated interest in appointing a woman, but his campaign is also targeting Black and Hispanic men.

Scott, the Senate's lone Black Republican, regularly discusses his humble upbringing. After her divorce from their father, his single mother worked long hours as a nurse's assistant to raise him and his brother. Scott, a “born-again believer,” often invokes Scripture at campaign rallies to emphasize his spirituality.

Trump and Scott have a close friendship, according to sources. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has been encouraging Trump to nominate Scott, said the two have good “chemistry” after spending weeks on the road together.

Scott, a frequent Fox News Channel guest, will continue to campaign for Trump beyond South Carolina. “I want to do what’s really best for the country,” he told The Wall Street Journal about becoming Trump's vice president. Scott's endorsement of Trump before the January New Hampshire primary was a big blow to Trump competitor Nikki Haley, who had been depending on the state to stop Trump's candidacy.

Scott “must really hate” Haley to chose the former president over the onetime U.N. ambassador who appointed him to the Senate as South Carolina governor, Trump said at one event. “I just love you!” Scott blurted unprompted at the microphone. Even with a large war chest and an upbeat narrative, Scott's White House campaign was disappointing. Scott performed poorly in the GOP debates, appearing to disappear from the platform. The vice presidential debate is arguably the most significant campaign task.

As a surrogate, the senator has been far more energetic, as Trump has repeatedly noted. “He did better for me than himself. I observed his campaign and he hates self-promotion. He stated at the Fox town hall, "But boy does he talk about Trump." Gov. Henry McMaster stated Trump “talk about how great Tim Scott is.”

“You've probably heard him say he's a better presidential candidate than alone. But Tim Scott is like that. He dislikes boasting and self-promotion. He enjoys discussing others and ideas and is adept at it, McMaster said. Trump's support for Scott continues after the South Carolina primary.

On Thursday, Sean Hannity asked Trump if he would consider Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for vice president while visiting the U.S.-Mexico border. He called Abbott, who was next to him, “spectacular” for endorsing him months earlier.

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