Tell Which Zodiac Sign Has Caught Feelings


Since Aries are so confident, they don't worry about crushing on someone since they know they'll win. Fire signs are bold and go for what they want, but they enjoy the pursuit and may play hard to get simply because they can. If an Aries flirts heavily, they're probably waiting for you to pursue them.


Taurus, the zodiac's most sensual and tactile sign, uses contact to bond with others. This earth sign prefers physical closeness above mental connection, standing near to their partners and utilizing any excuse to touch them. Tauruses may be sending you a sign if they often tuck in your shirt tag or pluck hairs from your sweater.


Gemini is a dualistic sign that may change temperature suddenly. These social butterflies might be crazy about a crush one minute and cold the next. People born under this air sign can't decide, therefore they're inconsistent with their behavior. 

 Sweet Cancers are naturally generous, so they offer extra love and devotion when they fall in love. Cancers may be pleasant or flirting, but it's hard to know. However, if this water sign bakes you muffins, drives you to the airport, and compliments your wardrobe everyday, they may be expressing, "I want to be more than friends."


Like Aries, Leos don't worry about a crush being reciprocated—who wouldn't want to date them? They realize their value, but they'll want to make sure their crush understands how great they are. 



Virgos are enthusiastic and excellent conversationalists, making them excellent counselors. When they see someone, this earth sign will ask them lots of questions about themselves and listen carefully. They won't stop. A Virgo will become a crush's study companion if they disclose class struggles. 


Libras tend to be reluctant because they want to please everyone, particularly someone they admire. When they have a crush, this air sign laughs, leaves the party, and agrees with whatever they say.


 Scorpios tend to be standoffish and mistrustful, preferring to study their infatuation rather than participate in conversation. This water sign likes secrets, and a hidden crush is the best.


Sagittarius is playful and happy-go-lucky. Sagittarians embrace new experiences. This kind-natured fire sign is awful at keeping secrets, even their own, so any crush won't last. They adore having fun, so they'll likely make sure their crush is too.


 Stiff Capricorns value gallantry and follow rules by the book. This sign has traditional romance values and will use overblown gestures to impress others, which generally backfire. 


Aquarians are usually calm, but when they appear uncertain of themselves, it's usually a sign of a crush. When they sense anything, this air sign pokes or pulls their hair to call their attention. 


A Pisces may be outspoken, but they're not always honest with new partners. They're more inclined to daydream about dating a crush than ask them out since they live in a fantasy world.