The most well-known American food, the BLT

A juicy bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich is a great way to appreciate the plethora of tomatoes that are in season. There is scarcely a better way to celebrate the feast.

According to food expert John Mariani, the BLT is the most popular sandwich in the United States, second only to the ham sandwich, and it is the most popular sandwich in the United Kingdom.

The bread may be toasted or not, the bacon can be made crispy or limp, the lettuce can be iceberg or another kind (although iceberg lettuce is recommended since it imparts crunch and does not interfere with the taste), and the mayonnaise can be of high quality or it can be ignored entirely.

Although it is not entirely known where the BLT originated, a club sandwich that was surprisingly similar to the BLT was found in the "1903 Good Housekeeping Everyday Cook Book." 

The high salt content causes many who are concerned about their health to hesitate, but the BLT tastes like summer, and who can say no to that?

Juicy bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes are the perfect way to appreciate the wealth of summer tomatoes.

The BLT ranks first in the UK and second in the US, according to food expert John Mariani, who also claims that ham is the preferred sandwich in the US.

Toasted or untoasted bread, crisp or limp bacon, iceberg lettuce (for crunchiness without flavor interference), and mayo (high quality or none at all) are all options.