Sinead O'Connor's estate requests Trump to cease playing her music at rallies.

London — According to Sinead O'Connor's estate, the late singer viewed the former president as a "biblical devil," hence it would be inappropriate for Trump to play her music at his campaign rallies.

While campaigning for the Republican nomination for president, Trump has played "Nothing Compares 2 U," O'Connor's biggest hit, at events. Chrysalis, O'Connor's record label, and her estate issued a joint statement in which they urged that Trump "desist from using her music immediately."

According to the article, the Irish singer "lived by a fierce moral code defined by honesty, kindness, fairness and decency towards her fellow human beings." She passed away last year at the age of 56.

That Donald Trump has been utilizing her renowned performance of Nothing Compares 2 U at his political rallies was consequently learned of with "outrage" according to the statement.

"Sinead would have been horrified, wounded, and insulted to have her work distorted in such a manner by someone she herself called a 'biblical devil.'" It is our solemn duty as her heirs to insist that Donald Trump and his colleagues immediately stop utilizing her music.

O'Connor was a vocal opponent of the Roman Catholic Church and an ardent advocate for mental health issues; she was also a vocal critic of the church before sexual abuse accusations gained widespread attention.

In July, her London house was searched and she was discovered unresponsive; she was later declared dead. She died of unnatural causes, according to the coroner.

O'Connor is the latest musician to voice her disapproval of Trump's use of their music; others include Neil Young, Linkin Park, Rihanna, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, the late Tom Petty, and Young.

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