Third-party organization No Labels will meet confidentially to decide on a 2024 run.

Phoenix — The third-party presidential movement No Labels will gather next week to decide whether to support an independent presidential campaign.

No Labels chief strategist Ryan Clancy said the March 8 meeting will not choose candidates. The summit will be “a chance for our delegates to speak freely and honestly about the path ahead for our 2024 project.”

Democratic critics of former President Donald Trump believe No Labels might steal supporters from Joe Biden. No Labels has kept its financing sources confidential and rejected efforts to reveal them after raising enormous sums.

Clancy claimed 800 delegates from all 50 states will choose a presidential candidate if No Labels opts for a “unity ticket.” Despite promises last year to reveal its decision-making process, No Labels officials did not identify the 800 delegates or how they were chosen. No journalists will attend the gathering. No Labels canceled its Dallas spring convention.

No Labels has raised money from hidden contributors and secured ballot access in every state, complaining that Americans don't want a Trump-Biden rematch. Its leaders say they'll support a bipartisan ticket with a presidential candidate from one major party and a vice presidential nominee from the other if it's practicable.

However, political observers across ideologies doubt a third party can win enough states to become president. No Labels would require anti-Trump Republicans and conservatives in battleground areas to re-elect Biden, critics claim.

The departure of major recruiters hurt No Labels. Instead, former Republican Maryland governor Larry Hogan ran for Senate. West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin won't run for president.

Two Democratic-aligned groups filed campaign finance complaints to stifle No Labels' funding and force it to follow party rules. Centrist Democrats Third Way have cautioned potential No Labels candidates that they will be responsible for re-electing Trump.

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