Three Digital Currencies to Consider Purchasing in March

You may have heard that crypto is back. Crypto has continued its strong 2023 run in 2024, with the market up 35% to start the year. By most estimates, this year might be one of those when cryptocurrencies reach new highs and break records as the asset class finds its digital footing in finance.

For investors wanting to ride momentum that can lead to massive crypto profits, here are three cryptocurrencies to consider for March

1. Bitcoin No crypto discussion is complete without Bitcoin. The world's first and most precious cryptocurrency. It's worth over half of all digital assets.

Bitcoin's market cap topped $1.3 trillion after a rise. At publishing, the leading crypto is 1% behind its all-time high of $68,800. The cryptocurrency should still be watched by investors despite being close to historical records. Many indicators and data points show the crypto bull market has yet to peak, putting Bitcoin in a position to set a new record.

Since Bitcoin makes up the majority of crypto's value, it offers investors a simple way to access the sector's greatest quality. Investors can avoid searching through the thousands of altcoins that price similarly to Bitcoin by sticking with the original moniker in this growing market.

2. Ethereum Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) is the second cryptocurrency to buy in March. Ethereum's smart contracts made it the first programmable coin in 2015. Thus, developers might create apps like NFTs, auto-correcting stablecoins, and decentralized exchanges, which are already ubiquitous in the digital economy.

Ethereum's first-mover advantage gave it a significant edge over future blockchains that added smart contracts. Ethereum dominates decentralized finance (DeFi) like Bitcoin dominates crypto.

As of March 3, Ethereum's blockchain held over 60% of DeFi's value. Next closest is Tron, a startup with 10%. Ethereum gives investors access to one of the most widely used blockchains. Some hopeful competitors are trying to overtake Ethereum as the top DeFi blockchain, but they're failing.

3. Solana Solana (CRYPTO: SOL) is a promising Ethereum competitor. While the two are still far apart, Solana appears to be the most probable contender to succeed. Solana's fast speeds and minimal fees have attracted users looking for cheaper alternatives to Ethereum. After falling by almost 90% in the crypto winter of 2022, Solana's price has soared as its blockchain has erupted with activity.

Active addresses, new addresses, transactions, and total fees are at multiyear highs. Most crucially, Solana's network is growing, yet its pricing is still 50% below its peak. If the crypto bull market continues, Solana should be able to reach and surpass its record heights.

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