Three Indefensible Stocks to Purchase with $100 Immediately (Part-2) Chinese e-commerce giant (NASDAQ: JD) is another great stock worth $100 that investors should add to their portfolios. After losing 80% of their value, shares have been down for over three years. China's strict COVID-19 mitigation measures and growing online competition in the world's second largest economy have put JD's operational performance under scrutiny. After its big drop, JD seems like a great deal.

JD, like NextEra Energy, benefits from macro factors. After three years of unexpected lockdowns, Chinese officials abandoned the contentious "zero-COVID" mitigation method in December 2022. Though supply chain difficulties may take time to resolve, China's economy should recover shortly.

China's e-commerce sector is still developing compared to other industrialized nations. The growing middle class is finding and using internet ordering. Since China has risen faster than most industrialized nations, e-commerce should have a lengthy development runway.

Though second behind Alibaba in China's e-commerce market share, JD has a better profit forecast. Alibaba relies significantly on third-party merchants on its online marketplace, whereas JD is a real DTC enterprise. It manages goods inventories and delivery. Controlling the DTC process should boost operating margins.'s intention to split off its industrial and property operations and sell them on the Hong Kong stock exchange could boost shareholder wealth in addition to its AI investments. Spinoffs usually help investors comprehend how a complex firm produces money. is historically inexpensive. Shares are worth little over 7 times Wall Street's 2024 consensus profits. That's's lowest earnings multiple since going public in 2014.

Pinterest Pinterest (NYSE: PINS) is the third top-tier stock to purchase with $100. Pinterest suffered two blows in two years. After an initial increase during the COVID-19 epidemic, its monthly active user (MAU) count began retracing. User growth is used to superficially evaluate social media stocks. Several prognostic indications and money-based measures hint to a U.S. recession, making advertising difficult.

For ad-driven enterprises, time heals all wounds. The economic cycle includes recessions, although they are brief. No recession has lasted more than 18 months since World War II, while two expansion periods have lasted 10 years. Ad-fueled companies like Pinterest flourish with protracted growth cycles.

Pinterest's MAUs are rising again. It ended 2023 with 498 million MAUs, a record. greater eyes mean greater ad pricing power for the firm. Pinterest saw low-single-digit average revenue per user (ARPU) growth internationally in 2023 after low-double-digit growth in 2022, despite a poor advertising environment. Pinterest has monetized its user base despite MAU declines.

Pinterest is safe from app developers' data-tracking changes, making it an enticing investment for growth seekers. Pinterest allows people to freely share their favorite things, locations, and services. This crucial information may be supplied to businesses. Pinterest can use it to expand into e-commerce in the future. Finally, the value makes sense. The estimate on Wall Street is 23% annual earnings growth over the next five years. Pinterest's forward-year earnings multiple of 21 is a steal.

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