TLC's Chilli has a granddaughter.

Do you feel old yet? A first-time grandmother, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of TLC is her name. The son of the 53-year-old musician, Tron Austin, shared images of himself and his wife, Jeong Ah Wang, standing at a South Korean hospital with the announcement of their daughter's birth on Saturday. Austin announced the arrival of their daughter, Lua, saying that she was arrived before her due date on March 6.

The caption read, "an emergancy C section," which is what Wang's husband described. She persevered through the whole ordeal and delivered a healthy, gorgeous baby girl, despite our high levels of anxiety and nervousness. Her boldness and bravery in doing something so unprepared has me in awe.

I am forever grateful to announce that we have officially begun our family! The couple started dating in September 2018, therefore this is a "dream come true" according to Austin, who added. "Life's journey has now truly begun!!!" Despite becoming a grandma now, Chilli has remained mum about the matter.

In an April interview with People, Austin—who shares Chilli with songwriter and producer Dallas Austin—discussed the influence of his mom's sacrifices while touring with TLC on his perspective of parenthood and his desire to become a father.

It's not easy, and you can't stay home to take care of your family. But you must persevere in your endeavor. "Family Legacy" star and soon-to-be father expressed his desire to emulate the experience with his own children.

He stated that "I want to make sure I'm there as much as possible, but that they also understand that daddy needs to do what daddy needs to do, and it doesn't change the love between us."

After Austin and Wang revealed his wife's challenging IVF battle and miscarriage on Instagram in September, she went on to announce her pregnancy.

"I am in awe of your efforts and I am blessed and honored by Jesus himself to begin this journey with you," the caption read from him. You are going to be an incredible mother, and I love you more than words can express. After overcoming many obstacles, we are now married and looking forward to having a family of our own. faithfulness is paramount

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