Tubman Announces 2024 Releases Kick-Off

With the arrival of a new year comes a new collection of coins and coin items from the United States Mint. The 2024 series will begin with commemorative coins that honor Harriet Tubman and the bicentennial of her birth. These coins will be released in 2024.

In addition to a gold $5 coin, a clad half dollar, and a silver dollar are included in the coins that are slated to be distributed on January 4th. Proof and uncirculated versions of each of the three are both possible to purchase

During the American Civil War, Tubman served as a scout, spy, and medic for the Union Army. The graphics on the half dollar bills are a representation of her efforts in these capacities.

Additionally, her position as a conductor on the Underground Railroad is reflected in the patterns of the dollar bills. The $5 designs, on the other hand, are a representation of her life after the Civil War.

The Philadelphia facility of the Mint played host to delegates from the Harriet Tubman Home, Inc. and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center on November 28.

These individuals participated in a ceremonial strike of coins at these locations. On November 30th, representatives went to the West Point Mint in order to initiate the production of the $5 gold coin.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and the Harriet Tubman Home, Inc. will each get a portion of the surcharges that are collected.

These surcharges will be as follows: $35 for each gold coin worth $5, $10 for each silver dollar, and $5 for each metal half dollar.

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