well-known meatloaf from the United States

Even the most unassuming of comfort foods. Who would have thought that when the recipe for "Cannelon of Beef"

appeared in Fannie Farmer's "Boston Cooking School Cook Book" in 1918, that every single mother in the United States of America would one day have her very own individualized version of the dish?

Using pieces of salt pork that were layered over the top, Fannie prepared her own version of the dish, which she served with brown mushroom sauce.

(In her day, you had to chop the meat by hand in order to get a finer texture; however, the introduction of commercial grinders altered everything.)

There is a high probability that your mother served the dependable meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans, regardless of how she prepared it (we are speculating that she put ketchup on top).

If you didn't consume all of your beans, you were most likely forced to remain seated there, even if it meant spending the whole night.

If you had not eaten a meatloaf sandwich for lunch tomorrow, it would have been a more effective threat.

A basic dish that brings warmth. When Fannie Farmer's 1918 "Boston Cooking School Cook Book" included the recipe for "Cannelon of Beef," no one could have predicted that every American mother would one day have her own variation.