World Record Numismatic Events Earn $90.68M

Heritage Auctions held numismatic events in January 2021 that totaled more than $90.68 million. During these events, longtime collectors said goodbye to their treasures, and new clients set world record prices for their transactions.

Auctions that were held in place of the Florida United Numismatists and the New York International Numismatic conferences brought in a total of $90,687,367 in revenue from the sale of coins and currency from the United States of America as well as coins and paper money from across the world. As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, both live events were canceled; instead, their auctions were held in Dallas, Texas.

According to James Halperin, co-founder of Heritage Auctions, "six coins broke the million-dollar mark and five world records were set throughout the course of the auction."

The sale of the 1787 New York-style Brasher Doubloon, EB on Wing, MS65★ NGC., CAC, which for $9.36 million, resulted in the establishment of a world record for the most costly gold coin ever sold at a public auction. This sale garnered widespread attention and made headlines across the globe.

The sample is the best of the seven Brasher Doubloons that are currently in existence. The winning bidder not only purchased the Brasher Doubloon, but also five more coins from the 18th century that were struck by craftsman Ephraim Brasher. This was the first time that the customer had ever purchased a coin at auction.

The victorious bidder used more than $11.9 million to purchase the coins. One of these was a 1786 Brasher Lima Doubloon, MS61 NGC. CAC, which sold for a record-breaking $2.1 million. It was included in the collections.

The Brasher Doubloons were selected from the Donald G. Partrick Collection, which was one of the many unique collections that were up for sale.

The Bob R. Simpson Collection, Part III was also featured on the list of special collections that were available. In order to establish new world records, four coins from the latter collection were sold for more than one million dollars:

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