You Won't Believe How Much These Three Zodiac Signs Love Pop Culture!


No one should be surprised that Gemini, one of the zodiac's most gossipy signs, comes out on top. Were they not justified? The dramatic tension provides the gregarious air sign with something to speak about and may inject some character into stuffy workplaces.

Geminis are notoriously gossipy, and they're going to be in everyone's business and stay up to date on all things pop culture." He or she concurs. "This air sign is going to be tuned in and in the know, from the Kardashians to the Real Housewives."


What Lu says is that Libras are "social media royalty" and will be there to share all the latest pop culture news as it happens.

The air sign isn't content to sit on the sidelines, however; the astrologer claims that they're always jumping in as the action heats up. Libras are a fountain of ideas, hypotheses, and passionate interpretations.


Scorpios are excellent observers; they never miss a detail and always want to learn as much as they can. According to Lu, "you can always count on a Scorpio to have all the tea" since the enigmatic sign secretly enjoys being in the know constantly.

The astrologer warns that Scorpios may be covert about their interests, but it doesn't mean they aren't paying attention. "This water sign may be quiet about their perceptions, but trust me, they're taking it all in." Cunning, cunning, Scorpio.

It should come as no surprise that Gemini, one of the zodiac's most gossipy signs, ranks first. And who could blame them? 

In awkward social situations, like the workplace, the talkative air sign may find plenty to speak about thanks to the fascinating drama.